[WTB] Dead VESC, any focboxes or unitys or any vesc

getting into repair and looking to get dead focboxes for rpeiar.

message me if you have any.

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Where are you located? I have a broken dual FSESC 4.20

I’ve got a dead Torque Boards 4.12

Hey lam located in Sydney Australia

how do we private message?

how do we private message? intrested

It’s your first day. Not sure if pm is enabled that early.

What the heck, since when did they put resistorions on a forum?, first day on cause l only just moved from esk8 forum to esk8 news lol

it´s same rules on esk8 forum.
@mmaner or @BillGordon can boost your level to the one you had on builder.

Couldn’t find your name on Builder’s Forum. What were you called there?

@magharees thanks for the notification!

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I’m @Andy87

It was only a matter of time before it was found out

My name was same as here, elitejarcool

Matched. Welcome!

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Your location is not on your profile

Thank you

Should be now

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I’m changing @b264’s location to “All up in your ass.”

Or maybe not. He scares me a little.


Don’t be. Unless you’re a thief.


“Hey, if anyone doesn’t want this last donut, I’m going to”…BANG.

Depends on the definition of the man behind the trigger.