WTB blue tb110s

Send me some photos.

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I have some black TB100, never seen the road, 25$


sure, dm me your paypal or whatever form of payment you want to use

sorry meant that as a reply for you, Dm me your paypal or whatever payment method you want to use

Damn damn damn


Will still buy more ha, could still use a set of those blue 110s, anyone has a set used or new with a decent price let me know!

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I didn’t know they were a hot comadidty (lol)

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1million dollars. 10 sets 110s.

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:fu:t2:I was next Chis :rofl: you would of been really pissed if I got them :fu:t2:


You’re right. :fu:

Im partially on the spectrum


Ha I just need a few sets of wheels to beat on. Would like one set of 100s and 1 set of 110s ideally.

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(US)Raunchy Random Rubbish

Still am looking for a set of tb110s. The blue color is actually preferred. If you know someone who has them send them my way!

The new batch


Are tourqboards making black ones again says discontinued? Sadface

slow news day?

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Yea they have been that way for a while. Not a fan of the new ones as they are basically 50/50 weather they delaminate or not

OK thanks are the 100mm ones any good?

Yea, I have 2 sets of them and they seen fine to far. The black is basically impossible to see if they are delaminating so you will never really know until it’s too late but I haven’t heard of any issues with them!