wtb bioboards/ maytech 6396 motor 210kv

1 of mine died

waiting for @mackann to reply

hoping i can buy one to get by

uk if possible

need it asap



Out of curiosity, how did it die?


one of the wires coming out of the motor got ripped and we assume it was that. not really 100% sure though
not many miles on it so shouldnt really have broken and no major crashes


bumpity bump

need asap pls


are the maytech 210kv 6396 exactly the same as the bioboards

I bet they are, but I’m not sure.

@mackann claims the bioboards ones are battlehardened and that the only noticeable difference i can see

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Plus those fancy connectors :slight_smile:

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sadly @mackann isnt responding to my messages to him

if anyone has a spare they would sell…

either the bioboards one or a maytech 6396 210kv


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Didn’t these things have overheating problems?


not as far as i have seen

the bioboards seem to be those so i guess they would have the same issues if they happened

If you want support please send a mail or use contact form on site with your order number. This is my personal account and specialty on summer I dont check this site so often.


i emailed you. thanks
i dont know my order number as these were bought from @ahrav

bump need a bioboards or maytech one urgently

please pm me

I have two of them brand new.

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I also bought them from @ahrav

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you looking to sell? they are perfect for what i need

Yes sir. Where you located?

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pmed you