WTB Avio mk1 gears straight cut (gears only) PULLEYS ONLY

Anyone got some gears for avio mk1 gear drive
The straight cut ones
Need wheel and motor gears x2 of each
as in just thee wheel pulley and the motor pulley no shell or mount

In U.K. but don’t mind paying postage worldwide

I know @deucesdown has a set but maybe someone more local has one to keep price down

Thanks a lot
Pm with offers

Have you checked moon’s gear drives?
They are awesome and for a bargain price.


100%, can recommend you check out moons gear drives :+1:


Got a good dela on some avio gear drive minus actual gears so would love just the gears if anyone bought a spare

I have looked at moon but after I buy new trucks also it’s really expensive plus only shipping in like 3 months

Do you know anyone who might have spare gears form when they bought

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Or does anyone know if any other brands gears would fit in the avio drive?

:hocho: :hocho:


Have you asked Jeff?


yeah he doesnt for the mk1
he said deucedown has a set but shipping costs like 25$ which sort of sucks and ruins the deal but i guess i will get from him if nescearry

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So how cheap do you think International shipping of a set of gear drives should be?


also got to do with other things that me and him discussed which makes me want to buy slightly less

for just the gears was hoping to get them for max 70$ shipped

This… Last time I shipped something world wide it was $100. Hint

@yelnats8j I told you the story :shushing_face:

Edit: didn’t me to reply to you Taz.




not really

you do realize we are talking about actual gears not the mounts adapters etc…

just the motor pulley and wheel pulley bit

didnt think i would find any but hopefully someone has

In that case it makes more sense.
I just saw you mentioned it earlier. I apologise.

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its fine didnt know how to phrase it properly
deuedown wants a really fair price of 50$ for the gears but shipping of 25$ min is really quite a lot
hoped someone in the eu has a spare set which they bought
otherwise i will get from deucedown

its only 5 bucks more than you max :man_facepalming:


Yeah but as I meantioned before there were other reasons that I have talked to him about which make me more inclined to find someone nearer

Also wouldn’t mind getting a set for like 60$ or something

Dude, what you are searching for is a fucking rarity. You’re lucky anybody even has some. If you don’t buy from @deucesdown in the next 10 mins, i’m going to :joy: