[WTB AU/NZ] SK3 6364 - 190KV

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190KV

Seems like Hobbyking is out of stock at the moment, is it a permanent condition?
Have they been superseded by the SK8?

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They haven’t been superceded, but it could last for a while. I have two of those that’s used and on my board rn, which I wouldn’t mind switching for the 6374 149kV variants.

/edit Oh nevermind, I actually have the 6374’s, not the 6364’s.

I have 2 6374’s in use atm but I have been thinking of swapping them out.
The trampa motors had a lot more torque

Probably because Hall sensors.

HobbyKing has them back in stock now

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