[WTB] Any small vESC [EU]

Hey guys, looking for a small single VESC. V4, V6, I don’t care. Should be capable of ~30A for more than 2min.


What’s your max budget MakerX has good deals and hobby king has a duel 4.12

Yeah I already looked at makerX but 125$ is a bit too much for this build, so I’m looking for something that goes for 80$ incl. shipping tops. So could be well used controllers too. Flipsky excluded as long as there are other options lol

looking for a single. :slight_smile:


@Anubis do you have anything for our friend

If you where in the USA :us: I’d hook you up but we should find something for you @xsynatic
Can you also put the weird out :call_me_hand:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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There little 4.12 is actually not bad FYI

I have an old 4.10 here but I reaaaaallly don’t trust that lil guy, the caps spit sparks at me from time to time lol. But I keep that in mind if nothing else comes along, thanks. :slight_smile:

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I have a 4.10 which started to shoot sparks at me. It turned out the solder to this cap had cracked. I resoldered that side and now its ok.
Maybe same issue for you?


I think I could sell you one of my cheap focers for 60€ if it’s small enough for you.

Or I have a maker x mini foc plus I could let go of for 100€, just need to swap it out of the current board it’s in.

Or I have a maytech V4 ESC that Damon gave me for free. Dunno what it’s worth, but it’s got a heat sink and power button, so I was going to use it on an ebike eventually.


How big are those?

I’d be very interested, but 100€ is too expensive, that’s almost the price for a new one, sorry.

How big is it? Same as the old V4s made by flipsky?

I haven’t looked into it, but could be. :slight_smile:

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I have a OG focbox, in Belgium. Shoot me an offer


Bigger than a trampa vesc 6.

Kinda, but it has a heatsink that makes it thicker.

Was thinking about the mini VESC, but they are to expensive. These day’s under €100/$125 you almost don’t find a VESC, except maybe for the cheap FOCer or something, a couple of years ago bought the 4.12 for €50 but these are now like €100.

The cheapest I can find is this one:

But that is from Flipsky…

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Tops is 80€ incl. shipping, as I stated. :slight_smile: But I don’t really know what an OG focbox is worth though. :smiley:

Kinda interested in both, which one would you sell cheaper? :smiley:

yeah I try to avoid flipsky for as long as I can :smiley:

Probably the V4 for 40€. Haven’t tested it though, but it’s new, so shouldn’t be DOA

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Can you test it somehow?

Sure, as long as you’re not in a rush. I have to finish boards for other people first.

I’ll give you three fiddy plus shipping :kiss: