[WTB] Abec 11 Pressfit Pulleys local Bay Area ASAP please!

As the title says, looking for pressfit pulleys for my Abec 11 wheels, would need them by Thursday July 25th so that’s why local would be best.

They will for sure be there by the 25th, I have express shipping as well if you really want to be sure

Let me know if you have any questions!


Has there been any changes to the bearing issue where the only thing holding it all together is the friction between the outer bearing ring and the pulley?

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Lol bro I love your profile pic

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I still have my shit. Heck. No one wants them. I’ll sell them for $20 each. They’re brand New :rofl:

What do you mean by bearing issue? That was just one customer out of hundreds with a problem and I worked with them to resolve the issue

@CiscoV resale value on them isint the best. I’ll be honest, sales have slowed down quite a bit with multiple other vendors releasing press fit modular pulleys, but mine are still rock solid.


Can attest to that. Have been running them for thousands of km. Very easy setup with no wobbling, compared to bolt-ons.


I know I would have ordered 4 from you but they were never in stock when I needed to order them :sob:

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