Wtb a handfull of 12s bms. And pcb cell holders Quick shipping links?

I ordered from China a while ago for a few types. But need sooner then I thought

Charge only. Lithium ion

Daly doesn’t seem to be available 12s anymore.
Only lifepo4

Who makes the most compact, esk8 bms.

Amazon link?

Also, I want to order some more from China , but really need one or two by end of week

Thanks in advance.

Also. Who has a PCB file blank, for 4s 18650 and 4s 21700 holders

I did search, but didn’t find what I was looking for

who’s or what is a daly?

how many do u need?

12 now. Anyone got a link to instructions to build your own and put your own deposit etc

And Daly is the manufacturer . See the screenshot.

The red waterproof ones

Order a 13s li-ion bms from the Daly ali express store and put in a order note that you need the 12s li-ion version.

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Then cross your fingers and hope :joy:


I tried that already. And no answer. We will see when a 13s arrives. Fyi the dalys dont work if you don’t use the full amount of series connections

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Dickyho has some


have one for sale (EU):grin:

I’ve done it multiple times and a 12s one has always showed up.


Ok. Doing that now

Also. What about Gerber files for 18650 holders similar to kaly

If you need I have some 4p ones Stateside.


Also need some 12s llt ones with bluetooth