Wtb 6384 or bigger motors

I am looking for 2 motors with the 63xx mounting bolt layout. I would prefer the aps 63100 motors but anything that is 6384 or bigger is an option. Preferably 100-150kv

Im in the usa

63100 in 100-150kv, going to make a direct drive?

APS will ship to you, 63100 require encoders due to stator size, you can get sensored 6384s from them

You wanna see if you can make better then a BAJA? I think you can make one lighter and at least as powerful, the 63100s are badass stator wise, but battle harden any of them. Sensored required for ATB. Search for encoders in the other place, I think there is content here on battle hardening here already


I am upgrading a 2wd mtb. 150kv 6374 doesnt have as much torque as i would like for hard offroading. I weight 220lbs and carry alot of gear. They just get too hot for what i am trying to do

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I will keep the encoders in mind. I am hoping this thing can outpace a bajaboard with motors this size.

I am running double wide tires on the back for extra grip and they are run with chain drive. I shred gates belts way too quickly with what i do to that poor board

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Maybe 8085? Maytech 8085/6374/6355 has 15% off right now.

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it would be nearly $700 to get 2 of those motors. it would be cheaper to go 4wd with aps 80100 including another fsesc dual 6.6

my budget is limited

Frchobby motors, another option

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i looked into that. i have heard of them but never checked them out.

the 8085 is awfully tempting… it appears to be the supplier of the aps 8085 motors.

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In the last fee days flipsky has added some new 80mm+ sized motors. This is conveinent

It is unless their quality bites you. Frchobby at some point supplied APS, those big uns need to have the shaft chopped at one end, I think they do custom

If you want cost effective and nutty power, there you go

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That adequately describes my needs.

The flipsky ones are the same as the aps and frchobby as well. Since this board will be abused i will have to battle harden any motors i get. As long as the quality is decent regardless of loose magnets then it will be a good buy

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Yeah I think special sauce is hardening, go big on knowledge of that and super epoxy

Oh but once you trip up onto the realms of 80xx there is no escaping the weight. The power from a dual would be akin to a 125 :motorcycle: not sure you would use all the juice, ask yourself if you max out the Baja and wished it had more, then have another think about the 63xx ones. The 63100 is rated for 4500w I think

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You dont happen to be interested in fs 8085 motors do you? A small group purchase would lower the price a fair bit im sure

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I wish you wouldn’t put me in temptations way


Shaft chop and stepped down to 10mm, direct ship to each GB person

Don’t want to say anything with it, just be aware if you buy a 8085 APS style this is the real stator size compared to 6384


By the way, what happened with all the 6880 maytech custom 140kV group buys? :thinking:


Once they were opened up and shown to be 6374 with an extra bearing at the end it was kinda like waking up sober with an umpa-lumpa who seemed cute in the club.

Your pic above is sobering as well. Not sure of the math of it in terms of power delivery and if this is all 80xx motors or just yours. How do they get their power ratings?


I‘m no motor expert and unfortunately I haven’t had enough time to change set ups to have a good comparison between them, so I just wanted to post how they look inside. All 8085 which build like the aps motors are very likely that size. The big bearing in the front takes much space in the overall length of the motor. Due to this the stator size is like 15mm shorter than the one on a 6384 motor. I personally would go 80100 if you decide to go that big. There is a magnificent weight difference in the 63 to 80 motor size. If to take this in account better go real big than have something inbetween. Just my thoughts thou


Was thinking this if 80xx


A customised GB of this would pique my interest

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