WTB: 5M 290mm 12mm-15mm belts

These are going on the 5055 dickyho motors (all black no sensor)

Also looking for 290mm belts. Found some on amazon (don’t know where else to look) but they’ll ship in about a month and I need something quicker.

I’m not sure if 15mm will fit for me, but I know 13mm will. So if you have 13mm i’d rather go for that.


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bumping this

found pulleys but no belts yet

Wow, this is actually a really hard size to find.


Not harder than 5M-255-11 for my exway :rofl:

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That was way easier LoL


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that’s before i discover vbelt, or even taobao sells these things

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if u can make 280mm work i got a 4 pack for cheap :wink:

I was skeptical but this worked, and I got the belts in fine.

For documentation sake for anyone else looking for belts, +1 for v-belt guys. lots of options