WTB 430-450mm belts 15mm wide ASAP

Please!!! I need these! I am in california, I can also trade other belt sizes if yall need. Thank you!

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Almost brother :unamused:

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Shoot, yeah I have a few of those lol

Almost :sob:

I checked, and mine max out at 380-5M-15. Got two of those new and unused and unneeded

TB has them.

Thank you! Ordered a few! And thank you everyone who looked through your stuff!


May i suggest that this thread be closed? :smiley:

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Updated belt size! Looking for some real long belts for my MTB build!

Halp plz

@Skyart I got 3x 430x15 with your name on them

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How much you want for them? You are my hero!

Or if you want to swap for other sizes you need I have a variety