WTB 3ds 4.2:1 wheel gear

Looking for any full size trampa mtb truck.
Preferably vertigo and/or precision trucks, but not necessary as I’m not looking to buy new from twampa.

mbs fivestars

looking for a single tb6 esc. I’d happily take it if the USB port is dead too.

I have a gps for the robogotchi If you find one without.


found myself a robo, but i realized I need a second tb6


changed the title as I’m going to keep using this thread.
I’m in need of flipsky 10mm d shaft pullies, or pullies that fit flipsky 10mm d shafts. 10mm round shaft pullies with long grub screws are like my last resort.


Yeah I’m aware. I’d rather just not buy em new since they charge like 10 dollars to ship two pullies.

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I literally have these. You can have some for free.


You’re too nice to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Mazel tov love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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looking for just the truck or with baseplate?

All of it but now I can’t afford it :joy:

Bumping because I’m in desperate need. It’s the plastic wheel gear from the 4.2:1 straightcut 3ds eco mini at v1 geardrive. Here’s a shitty picture.


Would you purchase a pair of them GD’s?

What a pain not getting replacement for those drives anymore.

I wish I can share pms. My experience with 3ds so far has been bad.

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I also need these… any luck finding them?

Not yet. 3ds isn’t responding to me either. Last I heard they were going into production last year.

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Hi @Evwan could you please send me your email address. We started to use new support style system for our email, as it started getting too complicated to track everything by myself. I am sorry if I missed something because of this new system


@xsynatic please close <3 <3 <3

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