WTB 30ish - 30q cells

Hey guys looking for 30 - 30q cells to finish my battery, wondering if anyone has any left over from a build. Or some overstock, or maybe in a battery you dont use anymore. Let me know. Thank you!

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I’ve got some. I’m in the US. Did a buy for 200 from imr with a few friends and have about 50 left over. Came out to about $3.80/cell.

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How old are the cells? What cell voltage are they at right now

They are brand new, got them about a month ago. All of them came in around 3.40 V which I think is normal as they need to be at 33% or less before shipping them.

Perfect, how much, with shipping to oakland CA?

With shipping and PayPal fees, I think $130 would be appropriate.