WTB 2x Sensored 5063 190-200kv motors (U.S)

Want to experiment with smaller motors. Possibly balance my build out because 6374’s feel pretty heavy. DM we what you got. Thanks.

Worst case is 180kv for $65 and 10 day shipping from China

I got some ollin gen 1 motors they are not in great condition but they work

You can have them for free. If you pay shipping

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Tell me if you want them

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Sure! That would be awesome. Saves me from dedicating money to a newer set only to not like them. Do you know what kv they are? @Halbj613

190 I cut off the bullets cables on the ends of the phase wires and the hall sensors are 5 pin pH 2mm pitch

If you ship I will send free

Look up racer star motors. They have a 5065 200kv senators motor.

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I have a pair of 140kv racerstar style 5065 motors in like new condition…they are uncensored

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Thanks, but I’m looking for sensored 190kv.

Awesome I’ll PM you.

Hi I am looking for a pair of racerstar 140 kv motors. How much do your want those racerstar motors for. And I thought all racerstar 5065 were sensored. Did your cute the cables?.