[WTB] 2x 6374 190kv

Looking to buy 2 6374’s. They don’t have to be sensored. Pics/price+ship. PayPal G&S, ill cover fees. US preferred. Thanks!

First post, forgive any errors I might have made.

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what state are you in? to narrow down options


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Think i’;ve got x4 of these in perfect condition (not used) with Halls (need to check the size)

Thanks @Esk.

If Esk doesn’t have what you need, I know @DarkVortex has 2 in the bottom of a box…a lil bit scratched but totally fine

@DarkVortex interested if you can dig those out and lmk.

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PM’d you.

Thanks all! No longer needed. Decided to go new.

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