WTB 10s Lion BMS

looking for a 10s lion bms rated for at least 60A discharge… preferably bestech

Wow. $10 is a little too low for 60A 10s bms.

Is it ok to bypass the bms for discharge? I just bought a used vesc-x. How do I make sure something doesn’t go wrong. Fuse? Would I use a 60A fuse for a battery with 60A max discharge?

where are you based? i have some in stock in the EU (London UK)

New york

Yes you can bypass discharge with no issues. What type of battery are you using, as in the series and parallel count? That will determine how many amps it is possible to use. You will configure the vest to use however many amps you want to use as long as it’s below what your battery can provide.

Going to be using a 10s3p Samsung 25r

That is a 10s LiIon bms with 60 Amp discharge. It’s a beefy sumbitch and I’d be willing to sell you. Cheeeep

Hey which thing do you have exactly? I’m gonna keep looking into bypassing to see if I can save some money if not I’ll pm you

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It’s a brand new never used 10s BMS from a company called BMSBATTERY.
It’s good for 60A discharge. I’d probs let it go for $25 plus shipping. Bought it a few years ago and just never used.

If he doesn’t want it, I’d be interested in taking it off your hand

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