WTB 1080p Webcam

Well I didn’t think it would come to this so soon, but I’m in need of a webcam to start my new career on OnlyFans

Webcams are sold out everywhere right now it seems or marked up to an unreasonable price. Or they take forever with shipping.

Anyone got a spare 1080p webcam laying around that they are willing to sell to me at a decent price?


selling dat ass on OF?? =P


Lol. The actual reason is that ive been live streaming some DJ sets and I’m sick of borrowing my roommates web cam


Was going to make the onlyfans joke :frowning:
Do you have a DSLR? Say fuck it and buy a capture card?


got an unused phone you can put into service? or raspberry pi cam?

onlyfans makes for a better story


I should have a few cheap logitech 720p cams

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You can combine 2 of those to get 1080p, right?


You can recycle one of your action cams right?

Also if you have a DSLR and only plan short live you can use it (DSLR heat up quickly so you might either tune one with DIY CPU style cooling or limit your shots circa 1h).

Got a good mic for your stream btw? What do you use? Or are you able to stream audio feed directly from your playlists?

I don’t have a DSLR and I tried using my phone (Google pixel) with NDI plugin but there was too much lag it seems.

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The only action cam I have is an insta360 one. It’s bad in low light and I can’t use it for live streaming

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I do direct audio usually

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you can get a used mirrorless for 2-300 and a capture card for around 100$, i know its more than a webcam, but its a solution

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Yeah, unfortunately I’m looking to just find like a nice cheap webcam

Yeah? If you do, how much?

just pay for shipping, I’ll be back at my shop in 30, willl check


Fer real? Hmm. I’ll get ya back sometime with something creative :thinking:

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winner winner chicken dinner

I have 2 I can send if you want :yum: