Would you buy a universal 4 ply carbon fiber enclosures for $80

I am looking into outsourcing high quality 4 ply carbon fiber enclosures in a universal layout (12s 21700 with discharge BMS and any dual VESC) to a company that makes the front ends of BMW cars and deep sea wind turbine blades…I think I can sell them for $80 with shipping in the US as long as I can get around 50 of them.

They will be baked pressed and together using industrial machines rather than vacuum bagging and setting at room temperature as for a super strong bond that should take all the abuse imaginable. They will have a matte finish by default so they can be skinned/painted/polished to look however you want. I will trim all the edges and pre-drill mounting holes in a jig so they will all align perfectly.

Prior to designing the enclosure molds and contracting the manufacturers, I need to know if there is enough demand. Would you buy one? Do not answer again if you answered on the other forum.

  • Yes, I would buy one
  • No, I don’t need this

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I would prefer to keep carbon fiber on the deck. Is there any other fiber (glass, kevlar, ??) that doesn’t conduct electricity (and thus trap radio) that could be used instead?

Kevlar is insulative, and is more abrasion resistant than either glass or CF, so its probably pretty ideal for enclosures. It also is more flexible and shouldn’t have any failures associated with stiffness or flex cycles.

Horrible stuff to work with though, I’m sure it’d make enclosures more expensive than CF.

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Its true, carbon fiber is a highly conductive material… The enclosure will be open to physical damage and will be also close to the batteries… A physically strong insulator layer must be there in between…

It’s about trapping the radio signals in a Faraday Cage that is the problem. Only if you have carbon fiber on the deck AND the enclosure. Either one by itself is fine. Or if you put the receiver antennae outside the enclosure and deck, it would be fine.


I will look into a Kevlar alternative for the enclosure, how thick do you want it to be?

You could ask if GF + one CF external layer is possible (UD CF for example)

That still has the issue with radio frequency though, right?

Ud fibers only go in one direction weakening the faradaic cage effect, I had no issue with my old enclosure that was built that way (used a featherremote and a Nano remote)