With Morning Comes Mistfall - The Duck's first eMTB

Dude, whose dick do I gotta suck to get some of those? Just did 5 tires on the same hubs and it’s always been a gripe of mine.

edit: removed pic so I don’t clog up the thread


You’re missing one wheel if you have to do this :kissing_heart:

Seriously though, I’ll take a set if you make another run


Working on a very similar version of this wheel hub, designed for standard 175mm/3.75” tires. Smaller wheels/tires aren’t suited well for Chicago streets/trails, and larger wheels are a personal preference.

Why do you have these long ass screws sticking out? :sweat_smile:

Mine. Pucker up, buttercup.

We made like 200pcs or something because they were pennies each from Sendcutsend and we had to meet the $30 minimum order lol. So I’ve got plenty if y’all want some. Remind me on Monday (on telegram, I dont check the forum regularly) and I’ll ship y’all a set each.


Those screws engage with the BN gear drives. I use the long screws on all 4 wheels so that A.) I dont have to buy two different screw lengths, and B.) I can easily swap a front wheel to the back.


This is the way! :ok_hand:
They should ship with all longer ones @Boardnamics


Decided I would swap my gears and motors first, because that’s whats currently keeping Mistfall from being rideable (one of the helical pinions broke loose while I was riding home from work last week).

This panel mount phase/sensor wire implementation worked out really well, surprisingly. Never had an issue, and the ziptie slots kept everything held together tightly over several hundred miles.

This MT60 is fused together for some reason. I pulled on it hard enough to rip through the panel mount, and it still wont budge. No clue why that happened, so I just cut it.


Guess I didnt torch these bolts for long enough, holy shit. Not only this bit, but I also twisted my Wera hex key a noticeable amount before I finally got them to break loose. Note to self: more fire.

Lateral forces turning these @Boardnamics drives into kevball.nyc drives :joy:

Despite the very minimal engagement on the Hypertrucks hanger, the clamp and the hanger both seem to be holding up great!

I was tired of grease constantly leaking out of my drives, so the last time I had a pinion come loose I silicone sealed the case. This worked great to prevent grease leaking, but it also made getting the case apart a huge pain in the ass :joy:

Eventually I figured out that I can put a long bolt in one of the case holes and use an arbor press to split the case.

Drive #1 looks pretty good, though I dont know where all my grease went. Only a little bit of hole-saw action, and I’m pretty sure that’s from the last time my pinion broke loose.

Drive #2, not so lucky :grimacing:

This is the pinion that broke loose last week on my commute home. I was still about 5 miles from home, and I decided to continue riding rather than call for rescue. As you can see, that probably wasn’t the best choice :sweat_smile:

Got everything cleaned up, you can see how deep the pinion drilled into the aluminum. The pinion is still flawless, surprisingly. And the aluminum mount isnt actually hurt in any way that matters, so :man_shrugging:

Got the case all cleaned out, and I noticed that the metal shavings must have got inside the case bearing and now it’s completely fucked. I pressed it out and tryed to clean it up to repack it with grease, but the races are pitted to shit, the balls are crunchy, and the shields are shredded (I can see daylight through them). So I’m getting new bearings, which means this is now a two day job :confused:

Out with the old…

… in with the new!

Gotta make some clearance for the circlip on the reacher motors because it’s proud of the motor face for some fucking reason :man_facepalming:

Got these beauties set in place, and I was about to loctite them when I realized A.) I dont have a motor key that fits, so I’ll have to grind one down, and B.) It was nearly midnight and I was fuckin exhausted.

So I went home.


What in the world are those super small MR60 looking connectors? You used to be using GX12-6 connectors before. These look way easier to solder to! :open_mouth:

Also the zip-tie solution is pretty smart, albeit non-renewable. I wonder how I could integrate something like that for a water-proof enclosure solution… :thinking:


MR30 :grin:

GX connectors are trash, I’ll never use them again


Why? Mine have been fine for a year of riding. It’s really dry here thou xD

They are a super low quality connector in pretty much every single way. I’ve broken them and melted them and overheated them and plugged them in wrong and and and


Tonight’s progress:

Dremeled out the hole in the motor mounts so i can remove the motors without removing the pinion gear. Tiny pinion for the win.

Had to grind down my motor keys to fit. Either the keyway in the motors or the pinions are off, or both.

Proper method for applying GREEN LOCTITE (come at me pedants) to your motor shafts, according to @Boardnamics:

Apply a good amount to the shaft and the keyway.

Put the pinion on without the key, spin it several times to spread the loctite into an even film around the motor shaft.

Take the pinion off, put the key in the keyway, add more loctite on top of the key, put pinion gear on.

Position the gear correctly and let the loctite cure for at least 24 hours before putting any load on.


Those straight gears are looking hot. I’ve been running the helical BN on Hypertruck for a few months now, been loving the feels. Though a few days ago I got hit with this.

What probably happened was my shaft key fell out and drilled a hole right through my cover while riding. Definitely would recommend using some shaft collars, @havenever can let you know more.


Would be nice if the gears has an integrated shaft collar to keep the pinion from flying out. Then again, the pinion being able to move at all will cause impact stress on it and deform it eventually :grimacing:

Maybe grub screws or circlip can be good. Though BN recommended some shaft collars to keep it moving outward. I don’t know about inward though.

Inward is not necessary at least if you get his fs motors, cuz the gears sit against the step in the shaft now, he updated the gear design

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I just saw it, thats neat. I’m also curious if those steps on the shaft make it so the pinion gear perfectly align with the drive gear when every is assembled.

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Yeah that was the idea