?Wiring battery level indicator into Flipsky 4.2 with antispark switch

Hi. I am trying to wire in a battery level indicator. I have a flipsky 4.2 with antispark switch. The switch has 3 wires (red, white, black.) There is no break in the leads from the batteries, to the Vesc. The switch plugs directly into the esc board. I want to wire a battery level indicator, but not have it on all the time, while the batteries are plugged in. Other switches are easy, in that it simply goes after the switch. However, I was wondering how I can do this in the switch wires. My battery level indicator is the one that most of us have. With one red, and one black lead. Iā€™m thinking I might wire the indicator to the black and white leads. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.Thanks

*Note photos

positive and negative of the indicator sits between your vesc and your switch in the circluit.

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