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Will's Eskate Journey - Haya 92 First Build

Hello all. I thought I would share my first build with you below, but first a little about my journey to this point.

It all started last summer. I was moved work locations due to the pandemic and outside the new place there was a lovely park. One day I saw a Backfire advert on Facebook and the idea god me hooked. After that I got my hands on a second hand Boosted Mini X. Damn I miss that little thing.

It was perfect for going around the park (1 mile perimeter) and the weather made it awesome. After a few weeks though I wanted something a bit more capable so I could go from asphalt to grass.

Behold the Bajaboard. Another second hand buy. This one I did not get along with so well. The brakes seemed way too sharp, and it just didn’t seem safe. Braking a tiny bit would throw you off the board.

Summer was starting to end and I decided that it was time to sell it as there was limited chance of using it in the wet (UK weather is so bad during the winter).

I still had the Boosted but again this wasn’t used in months so someone bought it from me on eBay. I was then down to zero eskate.

At this point I discovered the forum and decided to buy a load of parts to make a replica. Eboosted SS enclosure, Trampa deck etc. I had nearly all the parts but then decided I wanted a Flux Motion. I bought that and the parts for both boards just sat there for a few months. The thought of the battery was putting me off. Plus the weather being bad so I eventually scrapped the idea and bought a Trampa!

The parts from the old build are all now with their new owners. (Except a set of MBS Oil Slick trucks and motor mounts/pulleys so if anyone wants to buy them please hit me up)

The thing is bloody awesome! So much more capable than anything I have ever ridden, and so much more waterproof.

After a while I realised how much I miss eurathane. I also fell ill. This illness really fucked me up so I bought some parts for something to look forward to when I’m better. This time I was going to nail the DIY and actually complete the build!

I am on the mend now and the build is complete. I’m pretty proud of it!

Behold, the Haya 92.

Haya 92 deck. Thanks to @BigBen
12s4p Molicel p28a. Thanks to @Rad (and for the vesc setup help!)
Focbox Unity.
Boardnamics 270mm trucks - second hand but can barely tell the difference.
Torqueboards 110mm Arctic Blue wheels.
Flipsky VX2.
Nexusboards motor mounts.
Maytech 6374 motors.


It was finished this morning. I’m pretty proud of my work. I managed to get down the end of the road, adjust the trucks and then it started raining! Just my luck!

I will post more photos when I have been out on it, but for now enjoy my story. If you ever get an illness, start a project as something to look forward to when you’re better. It really helps!

Peace and Love,


Great journey, I like how you already got a lot of experience with a variety of boards in under a year. And the haya looks clean af, well done!


Good to see you got rolling! That board has sat about on a couple of shelves for too long!


Thank you both. Went out for a first ride today and it was awesome. I don’t have the budget/need but really tempted by another DIY!

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that is neat, love the blue