Who here builds batteries for free?

Just checking because everybody seems to think they should cost wayyyy less than they actually do in time, materials, and labor.

It takes anywhere from 4 to 7 hours to build a 40+ cells pack properly. That will cost you money. If you tell me it takes less than that, you either aren’t watching the clock or you know precisely fuck-all about building a pack.

BMS and chargers aren’t free. That will cost you money. They cost me money plus shipping. If you want them included, you’re going to pay what I paid total for them.

Connectors, nickel, fish paper, kapton, and a “send it back and i’ll check it” warranty are not free.

shipping a complete pack is not free.

Cells with shipping from the US are more than other places, but I don’t live other places. I live right fucking here where when i order cells i need it within a week. I don’t buy 10,000 cells at a time to be delivered by boat 2 months later. That would be stupid because i don’t have anywhere to put them all and who the fuck knows what somebody is going to want anyway.

Also, please double check for me that I am not a man working in a factory with 500 other people for $9 an hour in a country with extremely laxxed shipping regulations where lithium is concerned.

You want a pack done right with somebody standing behind it you’re going to pay for it. Ask the Evolve community, any of the 80+ people i’ve done battery mods for will tell you that. They don’t come back. I don’t hear from them until they wear them the fuck out.



I have considered for lolz to make some batteries for pretty much $0 labor.

I don’t value my personal time very high


The best rants are rants from people with knowledge.


Damn…ignore my last email to you then.


Sound like u have some relly annoying cosumares.


Glad you posted this. I just finished building my first pack, and it took no less then 12-16 hours in labor, not to mention the $30-40 bucks in nickel, tape, fishpaper, copper braid, and what not. BMS was around $50, and the charger was around $50. Its a monster 12s10p that will fit my DS evo enclosure tho, so i am really happy with it…but the amount of work and stress that went into it, if i were to build batteries for a living i would definitely be charging some sort of living wage for it.


Is there any issue you are trying to point out, or are you trying to reply to a comment?
Do you find these days we find batteries packs for too cheap?

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Let alone the stress and fear with regard to safety. This isn’t like testing a rubber ball.

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It’s your fault for posting a video where it takes you 5 min from start to finish to make a pack. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wait. Batteries take less than 3 weeks to build??
I wouldn’t know :sweat_smile:


dont be fooled guys, anyone who needs a quality non-profit pack hit me up :call_me_hand:


It would make me nervous to use a cheap battery… or one built “for free”. Anyone who thinks that a battery building service is charging too much obviously has never built one before. Not only is it very time consuming, but there is also risk involved.


I do, if it’s for friends I get to ride with afterwards :upside_down_face:


That’s a return& reward thing…
It’s not for free.


Nobody is forced to buy a pack from you.
If your service is too expensive for somebody than he should look somewhere else.
No need to get stressed out on it.


Not me. I build more small packs than I do big ones so, I usually factor my labor at about 100% my material costs. If that makes any sense.


This. I only ever build batteries for free. It’s a labor of love, and you can’t pay me enough, lol


Ok, I’ll be that guy. If you aren’t building your own battery, are you really Doing It Yourself? The rest is really just smart purchasing and assembly. I’m not trusting my life (or at least multiple layers of skin) to just any unregulated schmuck. Only this unregulated schmuck.


Consumers today expect amazing deals, they search for the lowest price regardless of the brand reputation and they want free shipping. Very difficult to operate in this consumer climate.
Good rant.