Where to find Trampa speed rings?

Anyone know where to find rings that will fit the thicker 9.525mm axles? in UK and trampas site is intent on locking me out everyday…

just get 10mm from a skate shop. its fine.


the sickboards one is definitely 8mm ID as I already tried those and didn’t fit, I’ll give these Amazon ones a try and see otherwise I’ll just attempt some DIY bore increasing…

umm. I use the sickboard ones. are you sure you ordered the 10mm ones?

the amazon one is coming from china so beware. might take long

yeah I ordered the same ones, but maybe they mispacked as the rest of my order was a bit off as well :confused:

If you have issues with the trampa side you can always write @Trampa a pm. Should be an easy thing to get some speed rings.

Tell what you need and we will sort it out.


Out of interest they did this to me too. Ordered 10mm ID from sickboards and recieved 8mm. I let them know and they sent two sets of 10mm as an apology and told me to keep the 8mm.

They are all in use now :call_me_hand:

cool thanks, the website login is finally working but definitely give you a shout if it doesn’t let me order