Where do you guys get your ESC's and Remotes from?

I’ve seen a lot of bluetooth/programmable ESC’s and pretty OLED remotes but I cant find them anywhere. Where do you guys buy these from?

Most of us use derivatives of the VESC 4.12 and 6.4 made by the man BV himself, that way most of the add on devices we use are compatible. There are many different sources who make them

Some remotes have UART connections that read off the VESC so we can display data…things like the VX2, OSRR, and Feather

P.S. I got a Feather Nano in parts if you wanna put it together


I believe your looking for flipsky.net

For all your “it’s chinese, but at least it’s not diyeboard” needs.


Oh man yeah just came across this. Didn’t know who BV was so i was ready to go through hundreds of forum posts to get up to date on the culture, this saves me.

Plus the funding i got requires a buy now/add to cart button so this is nice.

Most people here will shit on flipsky ESCs. I’ve used their remotes with satisfaction so far. There’s a lot of stuff out there. Maytech ESCs are okay, there’s some newer stuff called NEOboxes coming out soon, Unity and focbox was popular until they went under. Tons of information around, but almost all the ESCs here are VESC derivatives. So that’s a good place to start.