Where do i find this adaptor??

Need this adaptor I think. where can I buy one. I saw it on a Flipsky motor. I have a 5pin hall sensor on Eovan motor and I’m trying to get it to work with a Foc box.QQ_20190621133442_1b3fc65d-1a11-448f-a114-149f21cbbcdc_360x2

iirc it’ll be a 1.5mm pitch male jst to 2.0 mm pitch female jst?

if not, that’s just an extender

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it looks like it goes from 5pin to 6 pin where it leaves a gap where your temperature wire would be. im guessing.

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here is better picture on there website Brushless Motor H5065 140KV 200KV for eskateboard gocart | Flipsky.net – FLIPSKY

you right you right

lol $69

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didnt realize that was 5pin found them on ali express with cheaper shipping.