When you access to a 5 axis cnc-one piece hanger/motor mount

I’m working on my second DIY build, I have access to a 5 axis cnc at work so I’m trying to intergrate the motor mount/hanger/motor guard into one single piece. I was using a 265mm belt but this made the mount (and the giant billet of alluminum its made out of) quite big. So I’ve reworked it to take a 245mm belt to try and make the whole thing smaller.

I’d love to get some ppls opinion on it before I machine version 2.


This is amazing! :heart_eyes:

Assuming you have this amazing tooling, I bet it wouldn’t be hard for you to make a custom motor shaft that allowed you to put a motor pulley on the other side of the motor as well, and then you’d have 2 wheel drive with a single motor! You could add another mounting plate on the other side, but that takes a bearing to hold the shaft level.


You might want to add some small holes for the motor guard, to let air flow through and cool the motor. Also, with the motor so close to the wheel pulley, you might need idlers to avoid belt skipping.

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Add some fillets and chamfers to your bushing seat


that’s a good Idea to protect the motor from impact… and a great catch to let a thrown rock grind and bind between the motor and guard


Totally a work of art!

Need a underboard view of riding it.

You should make a crazy heatsink/ESC case to match.

Agreed on the “stone catcher”. Some sort of mesh to create full coverage would be good. And holes drilled in the main shield for ventilation.

Love this idea though, I’d be interested in purchasing something like this if you were to mass produce a successfully tested product. Sadly not in a position to be a tester yet though :confused:

It’s made out of one single block of alu?

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No fucks given if it is


I see a pebble grinder :grin:

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Could add a hole for them to pass back out through

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Just curious about material usage. v2 I would look at bolt on solution for the motor cage/mount

Yep one big block


Came to say this, was ninja’d

Not if, but when, rocks get in there, it’s going to be nasty

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It’s 6061 Aluminium