When did you start Esk8?!?

Cute kids!
I love your trailer mount .


Yep. I agree!!

If 1 board is good. Then 12 boards must be even better!! LOL!

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My journey started at around 2018-2019 with Casey Neistat and his Boostedboard. To me, it seemed like it had great potential to be a very convenient way of transportation;

And thus bought a new WowGo 2S. It was cheap, and it was 75% the experience of a boosted board. So far I had worked only part-time so I didn’t really have the budget for something more expensive, but it didn’t make sense to me at the time to spend a used car’s worth of money on a piece of wood with wheels.

After riding the wowgo quite a bit and getting loads of convenience out of it, I decided its time to splurge a bit and look for something up to $800, which was still a lot of money for me, especially for “a piece of wood with wheels”. I looked and looked and couldn’t swallow the fact that the best option was an exway flex at $750 which had just come out, or a Verreal RS. The Verreal had what I wanted, but was cheaply built and very unreliable. The Exway didn’t meet my full requirements, but was a proven good board preproduction board. I researched and researched and couldn’t find something that would satisfy me.

So I built The Budget Boi. I outdid myself with the help of this forum and certain members. For around 600-ish euro I built a board that outperformed prebuilt boards that cost $1400 at the time. This board has lasted me for roughly 4ish years and has ran great to be honest and still does. There have been hiccups and small upgrades/changes to it, but it has overall remained the same build.

In the meantime, I bought a Trampa Pro Belt Drive base (no ESC/battery) with the idea of making a complete MTEB, but I didn’t find a suitable battery for it in a price range that I am comfortable with. I found a buyer for the base a year later (very recently) and sold it. I also sold my WowGo 2S and bought a WowGo 2 Mini with the idea of having a portable board, but it never worked for me. The short form-factor just doesn’t work for electric skateboards, unless your roads are perfectly smooth, and you are okay with riding under 30km/h (which I am not). I also just recently bought an Exway Flex Riot because it was like 250 euro.

My current endeavors include modifying a Meepo Hurricane (original carbon model with molicels), because the budget boi was either high(ish) speed or high(ish) torque, it couldn’t achieve both. So far I put a custom CNC’d heat sink and mounted a MakerX DV4s to it (which I had bought for the trampa base) and the power is evident. Even with the battery BMS limit of 100A continuous discharge, 49A per side gives me lots more power than the shaky 35A I was getting out of the Budget Boi. The issues are that the trucks are horrible, the bushings are horrible, the wheel hubs (and pulleys) are proprietary, the charging cable inside had issues, the motors have lots of reports of breaking, the tires are horrible, and I basically need to change everything to make it a great board. I bought a used Hurricane with the idea of exchanging the ESC and having something great, and what I ended up with is a headache.

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2016 built my first 6s longboard, 2018 first mountainboard

I got into ESK* when it was still lead acid batts. I went lipo as the batt was dead. I got the board to run dogs. I had two border collies that knew slow, turn right or left. I built my first board to run my dog as well. But my dog is a chi/whippet mix, and too sketchy to run. She will trip me and cause damage. But, all my trips are on board now. Or most. ESK* would be the perfect solution to commute, if we had REAL mass trans. Also built an Ebike, but cant lock anywhere, and cant take in stores, or at least not all.