Wheels For sale: Abec, Kegels, Popocas, Clones, Pneumatics

Prices do not include shipping (US). I’m open to trades outside of eskate too, but I don’t want your junk. Wheels for sale left to right:

Clones: 85MM $10 90MM (only 2) $5 97MM $15

Bustin 75 MM $20

Kegels 80MM $35

90 MM Popocas $50 SOLD

Abec: 85MM $50 97MM $60 107MM Electric Flywheel $90 107MM SuperFly $100

Pneumatics: 6" DIYEboard/generic w/tubes & tires (60T pulleys x 2) SOLD Skikes set w/tires & tubes (single 60T pulley) best offer

Thanks for looking.


@KaramQ more rare electric flywheels…

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No rare lol, those aren’t black hub

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God dang it I thought I had it… sorry op

Would you be able to check how much shipping the ABEC 107mm SuperFly to Denmark is lol? :joy:

I can check but it most likely won’t be worth it

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Im pretty sure it will be worth it since they cost 175 euro in EU :joy:

2nd place
Hey bro I’m also interested on that superfly 107. Lived in sunrise fl

What’s the condition of the skikes, and would you be able to check shipping to Italy?

Theyre in great shape. I never used them. I can check if you’d like