Wheels and gears and stuffs

I have this set up

I am looking for wheels and gears.
It is a dual set up despite the picture

Gears or pulleys? I have a pair of 90mm wheels with 36T pulleys of you’re interested

Hey zach. Just got your last package. How do i link those? And do i need a remote plug in chip? I know you sent me a remote but i spaced tbe details.
How much forthe g&w’s?

I’m sorry but I don’t follow what you’re saying


I got this for another build and it has 2 parts. Tbe remote and the whatever the fuck you call the thing it talks to.
I got this from you.
Along with these.

How do the 3 of these talk to reach other?:grin::grin::grin:

Ahh those, you need to plug everything in (both ESCs to power, both ESCs over CAN, receiver to master ESC via UART) then it should already be paired. If not then you can use the pairing drop down as listed on the Flipsky site

If you wanna use that other remote then you will need it’s corresponding reciever but it looks like one of the permanently paired ones so I don’t know

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Sweet. Thanks. Im getting it.
How much for the gears and wheels? How much wear on the Engels? What’s the bolt pattern?

Wheels and pulleys are as shown, they are still in great shape (just dirty from pushing around on them), I think I only have a couple miles on them as electric. With shipping and stuff, $90 for the wheels with bearings and metal pulleys?

The back of the drive wheels has been machined for the pulleys to sit properly, but the surface is still new enough to be reflective

Invoice me. I gotta get this done

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90’s wilk help with the top end just right. If my math is correct

Cool cool, payment HERE and I will get you tracking tonight (drop off tomorrow)

All for sale.

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Are you interested in any of the wheels ?