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WheelEEZ Fosterqc projectie'z

I have been a little on the hunt for some nice round wheels, there are two things I need them for at the moment.

1 is the VESC self balancing feature opening opportunities to make amazing things with One-ish wheels, the only thing that is important is the good round surface for nice carving.

The second is my E-Freeboard Open source Electric Caster project where I need a good rounded surface for transfering between edges smoothly.

I have a robotics background so when I started watching these university rover challenge videos I noticed them sexy round wheelzzz and thought hmm I think those could be what I was looking for.

I start researching and find they are actually fairly high performance, durable and all slightly affordable.

here starts my journey


ohnooo all out of stock for the little one :frowning:

jk it was me who got the last one


reserved incase of need

oh I found an alternative source if they ever run out of stock saving this here

From looking around I found they are used on electric wheelchairs from beach’n buggies so I figured the owners would find a one wheel electric device using their wheel would be a fairly interesting project.

I was correct, quick reply so it did peak their interest I think.

I ordered this one so far

I am intending on using for the E-caster project as it is just barely small enough which is kinda the perfect size. I will also try onewheel’n it but the listed max weight (88lb/40kg) is too low and I would have to over pressurize it, I bet it would survive but the ~12"/30cm wheeleez is onewheel tire sized so it is the obvious choice besides having a more appropriate weight limit of 120lb/55kg


reserved incase of need


Probably gonna blow a bunch of money on the 49cm wheel because it will be easy to adapt a mountainboard hub to it I think. It will give a crazy soft ride and supports a wild @b264 lb, might be overkill and the 42cm/16.5" wheel would be a better size for a OW but fuckit also the 16" might be OOS for a while but I’ll ask. Both look like they use the same size hub.

@worldismine772 so you are interesed is what project? are you wanting to contribute?

yep same sized hub


RIP your Wh/km :crazy_face:

Interested to see how this goes, following

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hey for beach, snow? riding you aren’t going far with any other drivetrain, this will redefine the floating feeling if I pull it off right.

if I can make these things for cheap and set up a tent at the beach and rent these out for $25 per 30min (gps tracked) I could be rich. Sell them for $669 on the spot if they love it.

multiple sizes for you, the wife and the 3 kids. Float away with all 5 for a package deal of 3K.

safety waivers would need to be a thing I guess, gotta know how to fall. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol imagine all the rust at the beach though

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Whole board made of plastic? ask them to not ride into the ocean?
I would make the bearings covered and packed with tons of environmentally friendly grease.

I suppose the screws would be one of the things that are hard but I would have to do all stainless.

oh to draw in the too cool for OW folks I’ll have the electric freeboard there also, prob too hard to rent that out however.

Eww, I’d rather have rusted bolts than stainless bolts

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… Titanium?

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Dude can the bigger size tires add enough buoyancy to really let them float away?


I was imagining it would be really hard to generate enough force in the water to achive self balancing

down to try though

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I’m thinking four tires and the worlds most inefficient electric surf board to rival those damn paddle peddle boat things you see in every tourist infested waterfront in America


wait do you mean like having outer drive wheels on land and also a thrust system on the surfboard?

amphibious esk8 here we come :sweat_drops: :merman:

cmon the drive wheels gotta retract out of the water


Dude just modify these bubble wheels with mud plunger treads.

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my wheel I ordered shows up tomorrow so it will be time to get a CAD model worked on asap.

I really want to try hooking it up to the BN M1 drive even thought the speed would be dummy high, that sounds ok for a OW tho…

I have been wondering the best way to attach stuff to them. Certain kind of adhesive I would guess

also cast urethane would be good

So wait. Is this a one wheel project or a four wheel project? I’m confused


this is a 1 wheel and 7 wheel project for me but I encourage others to buy these wheels and make projects and post in this thread

E-freeboard with 7 wheels (currently) 1 wheel with one wheel