Wheel options on hurricane hubs

I am looking for some new wheels that would fit those standard meepo wheels I have on my meepo hurricane.

They are 155x50 and the dream would be if I would be able to widthen the hubs I currently have to use metroboard style wheels.

Any recommendations?


Maybe these?

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Looks good, I thought it’s not kewl to buy from mboards lol

That is an honest take and I did consider not linking it but figured if it was the only option I knew of and it helped a fellow skater, I’d leave that option up to them :wink:



evolve 150mm, 175mm will fit too. even maybe the trampa 165mm but completly sure about those

There’s no way to widen those hubs, but any normal esk8 pneumatic will work. Sunmate 150, 175. Hota tires. Trampa urban treadz,

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Why is there no way to widen those hubs?

Are there any known cheap options for wide hubs? Don’t have to be out of Aluminium

The only way to widen these hubs is to put a spacer between the two halves. Which would widen the bearing seat and have it not fit on the axle.


Yeah true, that’s what I meant by „if I am able to widen the hubs“, I would design a middle part for the hubs.

I have some surfrodz on the way, those should have enough axle length.