what the foc with flip 6.6?

im hearing that the fliposky vesc 6,6 plus isnt any good. it dies easy. what is comparable that doesnt have some politics attached? (foc)
im running 6384’s.


keep it at or below 60 battery amps and you should be fine. And run motor detection before you gear or belt the wheels on.

MakerX DV6 is a decent one I’ve heard.


thanks. im gonna drop a serious piece of change here. trying to stop this impulse buying addiction. i want this to be bad ass and last.

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I think @kevingraehl still has a couple he’s sending out for $180.


Yup. Got plenty left. 12awg blood unities


wrong hobby


link? id love to look

4153412281. Just call. It’s a unity. Nothing special. Thousands of images and posts out there


I’m running the 6.6 Plus in my Sportster. 12s4p, battery current at 40a, 50a per motor.

Rides like a dream, about 250 miles on it so far. Hottest it got was 69C after a few successive full throttle runs up an incredibly unreasonable hill.

Obviously I’ve only got 250 miles worth of experience on it, but it’s not been problematic for me.

ccol. im in the midwest. ill call around 12 your time.

dont quote me on this but. back in the days when mostly @Gamer43 & I did some work with their 4.2 models one one of the main issues where transients, slew rate. the resistor swap we had them do was only really a quick and dirty plaster to the problem and only really fixed the cutouts under certain conditions. Kai wanted them to add RC snubbers and a TVS diode to better deal with transients but that would result in a larger rework of the pcbs layout. compared to just a component swap.

last I talked to them they included a tvs diode in all their vesc designs. and I think they did this rework like half a year ago or maybe more, not sure when. dont get me wrong they are far from 100% but they might be better, haven’t riden or touched one in years.

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i heard the same thing from someone else. but it was in language i understand. they intimated a capacitor issue, not a diode issue. i’m told that if i keep it uner 50 battery watts im good. ?

yeah nah, the cutout problem had to do with going from low amps to high real fast (like accelerating up a hill or going full speed from a standstill). it worked on 6374 motors and hubs but for some reason 6354 caused cutouts even after the swap. we think motor inductance had a role to play. im not going to dive into it.
but nah it is going to be a gamble never the less. as it is with alot of the vesc’s on the market tbh. I had a focbox unity antispark die in 20-30 days.