what size heat shrink for trampa?

what size heat shrink do i need for my trampa motor wires? I live in US. Thanks : )

6-8mm should be fine for 12awg wire

you can check the local hw store and just bring the esc with you, conpare the size of the wire to the hest shrink (doesn’t have to be exact, long as it doesn’t exceed the shrink ratio), or go on amazon and get a variety box

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6 mm diameter but 8 will work too as poastoast told you.
If you are located in Manhattan area and you need help to finish your board you are invited

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+1 for the Amazon variety box, I’ve got everything from like 2 to 20mm and a handful of the marine grade (hot glue lined) and it’s so convenient


Yeah I love that marine glue lined stuff too, super useful

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i use the adhesive lines shrink on 90% of all heat shrink related stuff

(i use non adhesive lines for things that need more flexibility/space if space is cramped)

adhesive lined is also amazing for cable sleeving

Sound bourgeois. I wrap things in packing tape then heatshrink :joy:
Hasn’t failed me yet.

I prefer the single adhesive lined for most stuff. The dual wall adhesive is way to stiff for most things I have found.

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