What ramp time to use for my Vesc settings?

Dear all,

Apologies for disturbing you again, I am curious to know what ramping time do you set up your Vesc’s,
I have a flpsky 4.20 and a VX2 remote .
See below current settings I have in Vesc tool:

Hills in my area are around 5-10%, I prefer having a slow, steady start with my board. Note I am still building it. Please let me know if you think I should adjust some of the settings, also please mention why since I am learning and I would like to know the reasons (sorry if I sound annoying).

Thanks in advance for help.

Mad Scientist

I honestly have never touched it haha I’m sure there’s people that do but I thought the default was fine. Not really sure what kind of impact it would have on board smoothness

Maybe if you played with it a bit you could make it less startling when you throttle on, but I usually just feather throttle my remotes

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First consider running with smart reverse, it’s very convenient for a street board.

If you’re UART connected I’m not sure that the ramping times are relevant as those are “plug and play”. However, i never mess with those ramping times.

Ive been experimenting a bit with a +/- 20% exponential throttle curve instead of linear. Was recommended and has been talked about here before. But i believe that’s only for ppm configurations


As far as I understand, ramping time gets used to filter remote input to make the jump from one throttle position to another smooth. I haven’t played with it too much, but my guess is that increasing it like this won’t help much for slow, predictable starts, but instead will just introduce lag that will make you over-compensate, and likely worse the problem.

The default values are 0.4s for positive ramping time, and 0.2s for negative ramping time. I prefer to decrease those values to 0.3s and 0.1s respectively for more responsiveness.

As suggested by @bwahl602, you should use the throttle curve to adjust your start-up acceleration by using an exponential curve. Or, if that doesn’t feel natural, just decreasing your motor settings is always an option :smiley:


Thanks guys for helping me out with this one. I will leave them 0.4 for positive and 0.2 for negative. Although I didn’t see any difference between 1 sec and 0.4, probably bwahl602 has a point about UART connection