What kind of AT deck for my aggressive riding style?

Haven ridden all the decks you have mentioned here, I promise you that you don’t want a bottom enclosure if you’re doing heavy off road trails. There are a lot of lightweight and sleek options for Esc and battery enclosures, @ApexBoards is a great place to start. They’re dropping a full MTB today, check it out.


@MrDrunkenMobster just build a sweet ass AT build using a bro deck, he put a 12S10P 21700 battery on it. I’d say he’s getting more than 20 mile range.

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Yeah, a bit more than 20 miles :smirk:

@murkr get the Bro. No question about it. It’s sex on wheels, and I would know, what with being a very promiscuous roller-skater back in the 80’s.


On the other hand, if OP isn’t using bindings, the Kaly would probably be better off-road thanks to the wings (I haven’t tried either tho)

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True… Some people like @rafaelinmissouri ride a haero without bindings

Can you even buy Kaly decks by themselves?


With an enclosure from eboosted I think, from Sender if you get a custom, and possibly from Ernesto himself if he’s in a good mood :laughing:

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Did you put the 5 degree angle risers on yours like the Apex deck or you rocking the stock 30?

No risers, stock 30 degrees. Performs excellently with these Hypertrucks.

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I do this in fact.
But not in the riding style that @murkr described above.

Picture me like a little old lady doing big slalom slowly down a powdery hill…

But with the matrix II trucks the bro is super carveable and has an amazing turning radius.

I have never seen a Kaly in person to compare it to.

The way this was described is how I envision
@glyphiks ridingg Madness in the bush chasing kangaroos


If you like the wowgo, why not get the battery upgraded?

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Actual footage of @MrDrunkenMobster

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Is there an upgrade for it?