What kind of AT deck for my aggressive riding style?

How I ride: I like to fishtail corners and kick dirt riding down trails off-road. So I want a deck I can kick out. I’m leaning towards one of those snowboarding-looking decks but I’m not sure if that’s what I want. What do you guys think?

Right now I’m riding like this with my wowgo AT2 which I enjoy a lot. But the range is terrible (7-miles) so I need to upgrade. I mostly ride off-road Florida trails with little bumps/roots in the ground.

I also want the battery enclosure to be under the board.

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haero bro?
eboosted has an enclosure coming out for it any day now

Why? If you’re mostly offroad, surely you’d want it on top so you don’t run into anything.

I haven’t ridden a mountainboard yet but I have my Haero sitting in my garage waiting for me to build

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eboosted is amazing. send him a pm on the forum and he usually gets back within the day and is super helpful


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Well I live in Florida where everything is flat. The only thing I have to worry about are occasional roots which my wowgo AT2 is fully capable of going over now and that has a battery under. I just don’t like the way those look. I also dont want to be attached into my board.


Everyone seems to love Kaly.NYC boards maybe I should try to make a clone. Wish I knew where to start though lol.

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Gotcha… I probably would still suggest the bro, but like I said I haven’t ridden any yet, this is just based on what I’ve heard

Kaly boards have a special deck and I don’t know if you can buy them

The hero bro does look cool. But I’m afraid it would be too narrow in the middle to fit a nice big battery enclosure to the bottom. I want to build something with 20+ mile offroad range.

The Haero Bro enclosure will hold 12s7p made with 21700, that should give you even more than 20 miles offroad


You can easily do that with the eboosted I’m sure. It’s fairly wide in the middle, I think you could fit 6 or 7 cells aross at least

I think his lead time is a little long rn though

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Cool. So the two decks at the top of my list right now are
Haero Bro - 12s7p made with 21700
Kaly XL DS Combo from @eBoosted

As long as I can get 20+ miles off road id be happy with either one. The main factor would be rideability and ease of carving corners, kicking up dirt, maybe some off-road 180’s, or trying to do a donut in the dirt. That’s the type of stuff I like to do.

Personally I see the Kaly as more of a street carver than an offroad deck. The bro is a real hardcore offroad one

I don’t recall there being a lot of clearance on kaly’s, what wheels you using?

Well, I’m starting from ground zero right now lol. First step I thought was to pick a deck then find parts after that.
For the wheels I’d have to ask everyones opinion. I heard good things about the trampa wheels.

Thanks for the info. It’s helping about because im at a stage where I don’t know which parts would be best for my riding style.

For more affordable wheels I’d look at MBS, their wheels are used really frequently. Trampa has good stuff too though

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are you sure
my 12s8p p42a on road gets me 25 miles (4wd on stretched tires) i would have thought offroad the efficiency would have been even worse

my wowgo at2 which has 10s4p battery has a advertised range of 20 miles but I get 5 miles before having to turn around because im at almost 50%

I just dont want this same thing happening again. Advertised range and actual range are so drastically different for me. I can imagine that’s because I ride aggressively off road.


4wd uses more power bro

I am building a 12s7p for offroad and am expecting 20-25 miles

You also don’t ride as fast offroad

@Taraskasyanyuk Did you finish your bro build yet? How much range you getting


ah ok
just thought offroad would outweigh 4wd

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Circumstances are everything, it’s nearly impossible to say. You riding 25+ would probably use more power than cruising at 15-20 offroad with the occasional hill.

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I have not, I’ve been waiting for them apex airs. Have had everything else since February! Haha. Although I did switch the battery. I’m doing 2 12s4p p42as to save weight. I’ll be doing a quick swap when one is out. Expecting 25-30 miles with both hopefully.