What is the name of this capacitor and where can I find it in the EU

I have an esk8supply dual vesc and one of the capacitors broke off in my hand, it has little use as @Jujo is the first owner and only did a review on it. I want to solder it back but the little metal fins broke off, where can I buy a new one, how are this kind of capacitor called (electrolitic?) Thanks for the help!!

Should I post this in the noob questions thead??? Sorry if I’m bothering someone XD

AHHHHH I knew I should’ve put more padding! I’ll try to find you a link but @Esk8supply might know

But yea I’m assuming it’s a 22uF 63V aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Here’s some whole sale link, I’m sure you can just find something similar. Sorry again for the trouble :frowning:


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It’s no trouble, don’t worry!! I don’t think it was the shipping, it’s probably vibration related or maybe It is my fault

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