What esc do I have?

I bought it months ago and can’t remember where.

And it won’t connect to my computer and hoping to r possibly return it

Its a 75100 Vesc

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Looks like MayTech Spintend single 75-100?


Looks like a Maytech 75/100 VESC

Possibly this?


Thanks. And won’t connect. Out of ideas it connects or it doesn’t.

Maybe it’s still under warranty?

Are you using a charge-only USB cable?


its a usb-c plug on the vesc right, and how do you know if data or power or what do you recommend me getting off amazon?
@jaykup is this another way i can run the vesc tool without connecting through the usb-c on the vesc?

You can connect the CANBUS to another VESC-based ESC and connect to it through that


If you have another USB-C device such as an android phone, you can check the cable by connecting it to that and your computer and seeing if it will connect.

I haven’t run into any power-only type-c cables yet, I suspect they’re less common than power-only micro-b cables.


There should be some LED lights that come on if the unit has power, but it depends on the ESC.

If you cannot connect via USB and have tried different USB cables / USB ports then you can Brian’s method through CAN, or try through bluetooth

  1. Plug an NRF module into the UART port
  2. Connect to a NRF bluetooth module through the VESC android/iOS app.
  3. Go to the developer tab and click “Run TCP Server”. Phone must be on the same WiFi/network as the computer
  4. Go to the computer and open the VESC tool. Click the TCP tab and enter the IP address showing on your phone. Click the smaller connect button next to that IP address.

If you cannot connect through the bluetooth module or CAN then it’s possible that the firmware is corrupted or wasn’t loaded correctly in the first place.

With that STLink v2 on Amazon, you can connect it to the USB on your computer and to the SWD port on your VESC and manually flash the proper firmware from Vedder’s github or from Spintend. After that you should be able to connect to the VESC using USB.

If the STLink won’t recognize the VESC, then it’s likely it’s dead.

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and can run motor test and adjust setting from the other esc?

its been a while…what port does the canbus connect to on the vescs?

The spintend 75/100 has no leds to know if turning on.

@jaykup i don’t have an NRF module.

And for an NRF module…I’d this the same?

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Setup via CAN

Will be similar on the PC app


and can do the motor tests through there too? i didnt see that in the video but maybe its another tab?
its a new vesc 75100. no lights on it. spintend. i only have the canbus cable and another vesc6. and no dongle to send to the phone.

Basically once you connect to the first vesc, then connect to the second through CAN, you are changing all settings on the 2nd vesc including motor wizards, etc.

Here is a better tutorial:




CAN ports: CANH and CANL wires, assuming both ESCs share a battery ground, are the only two you need to connect. Do not connect the 5V together. You can connect Gnd if you want, but it can also just increase the chances of problems.

I personally would use a Metr CAN from http://metr.at. I’m not sure if that Spintend product will work, I’ve had really bad experiences with Bluetooth devices like that. Some work, yes.



im trying to program it with another vesc through the canbus if i can find the port. which would it be?

75V 100A single ESC single ubox based on VESC | Spintend.com

I’m trying to do the motor tests and set limits and run it with a throttle through ADC, which also brings up how i dont see an ADC port either. There’s AD1, AD2, AD3. Are they the same?

it also says:
"* Status indicator in power button LED lights:

  • Running–Green light
  • Stop/begin throttling–Blinking green
  • Abnormal–Blinking Red"

but i see no lights that could light up.
i got this and havent been able to get it to do anything, starting with connecting to my pc to program it.