What do you guys think of this cheap NESE alternative?

Spot welding has been a pain for me. I’m gonna try this with my new build. I’m just going screw these clear plastic cases onto the board. No additional hard enclosure to cover the cases except for the ESC and BMS. The spring clips shouldn’t have issue with current because I’ve used the black plastic cases with the spring clips for one of my previous builds.

I think it’d be perfect for a flexy board, too.

With all respect dude, please dont. That plastic case won’t last the type of vibration and abuse we put our boards through. Even if you were to wrap each cell in fishpaper so that the insulation doesn’t rub off, that box will fall apart in no time and might very well cause a short and poof

This has been said many many times from people who’ve made the same mistakes but:

A cheap man always buys twice.

If you’re having issues with spotwelding, I’ll build your pack for you myself without any labor costs because I don’t want to see shit blow up unless I want it to blow up. Just pay for cells and I got the rest


Do not like this, fire hazzard…Springs will break under vibration…I think this it is a really bad idea and I would not recomend anyone doing such a thing. With al respect, I would consider to remove this idea from the forum…Nothing against you, just considering so many people watching this and just thinking on give it a try…and it could be fatal…


I’d still hot glue the cells together and also line the inside of the case with foam. That should take care of the vibration. Thanks yall, I’m gonna do it!

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:man_facepalming:t2: Jujo even offering to spotweld.


Bro…please don’t do it :sob::sob: you going to have to buy new cells, new cases, rebuild the battery, its just not worth it…noway that nickel can handle 8p current of any cell we would normally use


You are literally playing with fire here, please reconsider this.
The vibrations that our boards are exposed to is in some cases enough to bend metal and crack cast aluminium. Putting loose cells in a flimsy plastic container and hoping they stay put is not a good idea, they need to be mechanically fixated to eachother and properly insulated.

The method in the video is most likely fine if building a powerbank or something stationary.
I can not at all recommend this for a pack that is designed to go in a vehicle.

Please reconsider this, li-ion fires are no fun.


This. So much this. @mojoo seriously terrible idea for esk8 dude. We already see fires with packs that are much more robust than this. Using this on an esk8 is asking to burn your house down.


Why are you asking about what people`s think if you just do not care? what are you trying to proof? If you are planning to do it, just build it, take pictures, try it for a few months, and let as know your thoughts about it…because non of the answers to your questions here are going your way…So…what are you, tough? badass? …or more like a jackass? You can build a battery pack with bubblegum if you want…But asking here what do we think, and people also cares about your safty, offering you to just let them build it for you…And…nothing…your title it is an insult…you could go and set your house on fire if you want…hope they read this at the jury and get some jail time…Your are not thinking clearly, and your question recieved the answers, and you answer back that you do not give a fuck… Hope you do not kill anyone…pienso que sos un imbecil y deberias hacerte un enema con las baterias a ver que sentis salame…

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Honestly, that’s a clever approach but as everyone here has already said, its super iffy. That plastic is the kind that gets very brittle very quickly. Also, there already is a NESE alternative that uses a more isolated approach to a solderless design than the kind you’ve shown here.

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