what do you guys think of these motor covers?

would like to have motor covers for my trampa because they look cool. : ) I Dont have the right motor mounts that let me use trampa motor covers. what do you guys think of these? I saw them on amazon. if you have other suggestions that would be cool too. https://www.amazon.com/L-faster-Electric-Skateboard-Brushless-Protected/dp/B083TQB9JN?th=1

They look on the cheap side, but they would keep some of the larger debris out for anything 6374 and smaller

However that’s not usually an issue, rocks will scratch the can most wear would be from fine dirt and moisture inside the motor and this won’t help, especially with that large slot


do you know of any other option then this?

I see L-Faster I immediately assume it’s trash.

You don’t need one, even for off road as long as your motors aren’t dragging on the ground you’ll be fine

But I’d rather have something substantial to block from crashes than a dust cover, and you can sort of seal the motor with wire mesh in the can

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I just like the way they look : ) I wish there was some way to mount the trampa ones on my board

Why don’t the Trampa ones work? Pics of your setup would probably help

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They have to attach to this disc part of there motor mount 66T OBD Motor Mount with 33 / 37T Pulley kit & Motor Filters - SINGLE

Welp, cheap Amazon one it is

If o could get someone to cnc that disc but make it flat, it could work. But how could I pull that off lol