What do you carry?

Due to my neck pain. Back packs and my Tote bag that I used to use are not forgiving.
This is what I carry normally on group rides and when riding locally on errends.
I recently bought hip pack or most of you know it as a “Fanny pack”.
I carry a pocket multi meter. Small foldable Allen set and Skate wrench. A Spare Unity switch.
Assorted nuts/bolts. A 3/8 wrench.
External 5v battery with Usb cable. Battery charger. Zip ties.
A clean rag and super glue for multiple purposes. And a snack.


Spare belts, tubes, a tire

Allen wrenches and a socket wrench


A proper first aid kit


I used my tool kit soooooo (at least once each group ride) much while in California for a week. (Only once on my board )

Allen wrenches
Skate tool
Open ended wrenches (just 2)
Zip ties
Bobby pin
Little box of random nuts and bolts

Things I need to add for when on group rides.
Light first aid kit
Back up lights
Tow rope


You reminded me I forgot to add my Zip ties that are in my pic. (Edited)


A group of dudes with their bmx bikes and skateboards used to always make fun of me whenever I go through a certain area of my neighborhood and it got so bad that I had to start carrying my h&k usp .40

So next time they make fun of me, I can just shoot myself


When riding alone, which is often in wilderness-ish trails:

Ham radio
Stun gun (which is not a gun)
USB battery pack & cables
Allen wrenches
Leatherman Crunch (vice grip multitool)
Fire extinguisher (for my foot and plantation)
First Aid kit
hat for helmet hair

Group Rides, I just add charger & power strip and my larger first aid kit.

Agreed, if I ride in areas where I can just get an uber, I carry next to nothing except the a multi-tool that I always carry anyway


Depends on how and where you ride I suppose. I carry nothing most rides, just my phone. I get caught out but I don’t commute or anything like that so just drag my board back, only happened a few times.

Riding a new build I carry allen keys and a spanner for tinkering and if I have my backpack I take a spare bound remote.


Usually a bottle of water, Allen / Torx key, my shoes (cause you know, skates), phone, tissues, all in my backpack. Might need to add some band aid to the list, would have been useful last time I crashed!

And I need a bigger, lighter and more aerodynamic backpack. With soft padding for the back and shoulders. Hmmm…

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We should go to a roller disco together, I tear shit up on blades and skates alike.


Deal :handshake:

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I go 10 miles with nothing but my phone/keys/wallet…I used to carry a roll of duct tape as medical supplies but I ran out weeks ago


Lol I have been considering this

For now I carry a small CamelBack backpack that I have had for years. I’ve got a few useful things in it and almost every ride I do with my friends I end up using stuff.

Wire strippers/plier combo
Adjustable wrench
English and metric alley sets
Skate tool
Screwdriver with changeable bits
Portable battery bank
Racheting socket with the two common sizes for enclosure bolts (also happens to work for the trucks)
Hydroflask - still gotta stay hydrated man

Anything else would be occasion or location specific

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Nothing. Hate having a bag strapped to me when I ride

I live dangerously.


obviously you do. Will always be amazed and how you do it :exploding_head:


I can take all my thane and AT boards apart with what’s in this bag. If I’m riding AT I ad a small electric pump and extra tire tube.

If I’m going on a group ride (few and far between at this point) I bring my 8amp charger.

This goes in a backpack or sling bag.


Besides my normal day-to-day carry stuff, I keep a skate tool, allen keys, some screwdrivers, superglue, and some pliers. If it’s a group ride I’ll bring a charger and sometimes a multimeter (you never know :stuck_out_tongue:)

Fuck you man. just made me spit out my tea :joy:


A lot,

Ziplock bag filled with assortment of spare screws, washers, bearings, nuts, etc…
T tool
Adjustable wrench
Allen key set
2 spare belts
Spare remote (nano x)
Extra shredlights
Orange vest (it’s fucking dark out at 5 my dude)
emergency poncho
small portable charger


What single strap over the shoulder bags do you guys like? I need something to carry my tools

I hate wearing normal backpacks when riding, but over the shoulder bags are oddly fine… 🤷

All I seem to do lately is carry these scrubs in Modern Warfare to wins.