What Bushings and Nipples do people recommend to improve carving on Wowgo 3 (I weigh 70kg)

I just received my Wowgo 3 and completely amazed at the performance compared to the price. It’s great. Really solid product. Feels premium. I know it doesn’t compare to the sick builds I see on here from you guys but I’ve got to say “Good job Wowgo”!

Anyway, my one issue that I have is that I like to carve but the current bushing setup makes it feel unnatural i.e. you initiate a turn and the board starts to carve then it feels like there is a flat spot, then it carves more.

Can anyone with knowledge recommend some good bushings/nipples for the front Paris truck and the replica rear truck?

Thanks in advance.

Paging @RipTideSports


@gibber, can you post some pictures of the stock bushings and provide a their dimensions? Specifically their diameter and height. I would also help to see what the bushing seats look like if you can.

if money is not too tight, buy a bunch of different setups and have it your way. Bushing setups are super important for a good and safe ride. Also sometimes you want it playfull and another time you want to be on rails^^

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Sorry for the delay in responding - I didn’t get any notification…

Anyway here are the current bushing sizes (not sure of the hardness):

Front Paris truck:

Top Bushing - Dia 24mm x 14mm Height
Bottom Bushing - Dia 24mm x 14mm Height

Back Clone Truck:

Top Bushing - Dia 24mm x 16mm Height
Bottom Bushing - Dia 24mm x 14mm Height

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