What are the top and rising trucks and mounts **and pneumatics** out there?

I’m planning to replace my AT board** and the part that stumps me is the trucks…what good options are there? Looking specifically for RKP in the 210mm to 250mm range

I’ve had my hands on a fair few trucks, and seen a fair few more, but nothing really does it for me…what else is there?

  • Caliber II: solid, but poor tolerances and far to narrow for beefy boards
  • TB218: good size and shape, but the mounts /never/ fit well
  • TB CNC: everything thing I’d want but damn are they costly pieces of kit
  • Boardnamics: as much as I like the design of the new precision stuff, I can’t do that surface finish…like I know that’s a really petty thing but you can see the machining marks and all the anodization just comes off [edit: the surface finish had been improved]
  • Janux: really nice designs but limited to the trucks and still a pretty penny
  • SR: …I know some people swear by these, but why couldn’t they just make them a normal shape, and the mounts for them are a whole process and a half
  • Kahua: a bit wide for me, but what confuses me is do the mounts actually stay where they belong?

What else is there?


If you’re interested in taking it from me, all in decent to good condition, will sell it off in a bit…$799 and I cover fees and US shipping?

  • Haggy Bergmeisters orange wheels w/ Zealous steel bearings and solid printed 60T pulleys
  • Psychotiller 270mm HeXL truck
  • Boardnamics idler mounts w/ 385-HTD5M-15 belts
  • MayTech 190kv 6374 motors w/ 15T pulleys
  • Apache 1800 case w/ waterproof cable glands, waterproof sensor wire ports, waterproof 5.5x2.1 barrel port, and FS power button hole (mounts to rear truck)
  • 25ish cycle Hyperion 12s3p 30Q bypassed battery

How about truck bed liner spray on some raw BN220 hangers on Caliber2 baseplates with BN precision mounts?


Pretty sure @CiscoV is selling some TB CNC trucks and mounts for cheap :ok_hand:


Does that actually bind to the metal?

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CNC trucks aren’t meant to be cheap. The TB price is very good

And judging by some of the compliants from the first batch I can’t understand why anyone would want them…


Wait what happened with them?


Nothing that caused any drama. I just saw the issues and nobody from TB addressed those issues

Loose pivots cup
Axles backing out (easy fix but why is that even happening)

Also the axles aren’t extended are they?


Hmm that seems a lil but suspicious…I mean they sound like easy fixes but still

Extended aren’t that important if the pulley is bolted on right?


TB160 need extended axles :sob::sob:


Just quit now that’s the all the market u.mentioned lol… I love the og janux.mounts for all my TB trucks…and the idlers BUT the idlers if I run 1 per side vs 2…the single idler always needs to be re tensioned every ride…

BN if you slightly over torque the idlers on the newer version the bearing wont spin and that’s a quick friction death to your belt…

Slide tensioning? Lame!

Hpw about some.fukn 8" wheel accomodation?? Am I right here?

The ATC on blow out right now are tempting but what’s left? Right?

Fine…i guess I’ll start my own eskate biz lol

I really want to design and make CNC stuff but that’s far too much work for me

If anyone wants to source the machining and treating, I will be happy to design the parts :yum:

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We in bidness! Haha


Can someone verify my insanity? I’m debating between Haggy all terrain kit ($680) and the TorqueBoards all terrain kit ($740), so from a price perspective the Haggy kit is in the lead…but when you buy all the parts of the TB kit it’s actually cheaper!? I am like 95% sure it’s supposed to be the other way around, I mean it’s literally in the bundles tab. If you do the same thing with Haggy, you reach the bundle price with just motors, wheels, and trucks (no pulleys, belts, or hardware)

  • Trucks - $65
  • Mounts - $120
  • Crossbar - $35
  • Motors - $240
  • Motor pulleys - $35
  • Wheels (with wheel pulley and belts) - $150
  • Accessories kit - $8

Total comes to a measly $655…what am I missing here?

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Those are all fixable issues. :crazy_face:


Surface finish has improved on the latest gen hangers


Yup. First gen was average, tbh. Latest look :ok_hand:

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Sandblast and hard anodization? Also the 220s that run the pre-installed nut style axles measure 320mm total width right? And the mounts use radial hole pattern instead of slots?

The surface finish is wire brushed with anodize. The machining marks are gone and the whole part feels smoother than before. There is a heavier chamfer

Radical pattern yes. The axles are 50mm so total length is 320mm


Oh that is beautiful…I might have to get some. Do you have bushings other than 93a KranK barrels?

Should work with TB160 wheels and 6380 motors right? As far as I can tell they will run slightly wider than the 218s, and they do those wheels and motors from what I read

Yes it will work for those. The barrels are all I got. If you don’t want them, I can shave off a few bucks