Were do you buy motor pulley EU

Tried in my normal places and a few other places not found what I’m after or not in stock. Hopefully some people hear have some websites I can look through

I’m after

10m bore
3mm keyway
15 tooth or less
16mm tooth width or less
Preferably with out a shoulder
EU with out stupidly high shipping costs

Shipping is high though, maybe you can ask him about it if you’re buying just some pulleys.

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Tried €10 flat rate

It’s better than http://www.bearingshopuk.co.uk/

+ shipping
£9 for each to be bore out to 10mm
£7 for each grub screw
There good for belts tho

Still think it’s a lot for motor pulliey

£3 each keyway
£1.70 2x 3mm grub screws

We talking price it can be produced for inc shipping

Cost of the broach to cut key ways

If only I had a hydrolock press

Maybe I’m been unrealistic just feels like there’s a very high profit margin on motor pulleys/shipping


It’s not just the cost of the broach, but learning to use it without messing it up. You also need 2 other pieces besides just that cutter piece, there is a bushing and a wedge to go with it, and you need all 3 pieces. And you need an arbor press. I have one and can cut keyways, but not in EU. Also by the time you add shipping, even if you were on this side of the pond, it’s far easier and cheaper to just buy pulleys with the keyway already cut.

download (91)

Also be careful about comparing steel pulleys to aluminum pulleys. Steel pulleys are like FIFTY times better imho. They definitely last a whole lot longer, if not forever. The aluminum ones get eaten up in short order for me.


Can anyone here cut keyways in the UK?

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Iv got a few 8mm bore steel pulleys iv used apart from been polished by the belt thay look in perfect condition. not used aluminium ones yet so intrigued to how thay compare as a lot of people use them. The please you suggested was zinc coated aluminium pulleys with steel flanges. Would you advise agains it now?

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The place I linked, the 15T pulleys are steel but some of the bigger ones are aluminum. Even in the same pulley, the material changes as the number of teeth go up. Their site is difficult to digest, but stare at it long enough.

For this :arrow_up: linked part, they are steel at 40T and under, and aluminum at 44T and above

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:+1: found it thanks thay mixed aluminium non flanged in with the steel flanged pulleys. to me that’s 2 different products missed the important 2 letters completely

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Here you go. Much cheaper than in other places. I run this one for 2nd year with no issues.
If no shoulder - you can check other seller items

@dickyho has pulleys and I believe ships to EU…

Nah you’re right, some of these esk8 shops have disgusting margins on their motor pulleys. When you buy ~200 of them, they can approach $1 each in steel and less in aluminium.


I contacted him directly through the forum and got pulleys about a month ago. His ebay store is closed but he’s still selling stock.