Were can I get Long motor mounts?

Hi I have a hummie deck with 50° baseplates.
The problem is the clearance between the deck and motors. I think hummie deck owners know about this.

I have long Dickyho mounts that’s ~95mm center to center distance. But even those are short. IAM looking for some longer ones that’s ~ 110 center to center.
I don’t want to drill new holes on the deck.

I don’t know if it makes sense but hopefully it does.

I want the motors to sit like a evolve board. At the back and upwards like this.

Caliber profile.
Kind regards

I want it in the “redline” position

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Janux makes some amazing ones for caliber2 they use around a 380mm belt

38:15t pulleys

Yes he’s stuff is loved by a lot of people. But it’s shorter han 100mm center to center. But the clamp looks solid but maybe to low to ground when Caguamas are rolling.

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I have janux mounts on my hummie. I can take some pics when I get home. Do note that when using the caliber 2 50° baseplate, they would not fit. With the Torqueboards baseplate for the 218s, they fit. I’m also using TB218s, but I don’t think the hangar is different other than width.

Edit: Here’s one I found on my phone.

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Pretty sure they are longer then that but maybe I am wrong

@Chaki I’ve been searching for something similar and found that @Trampa has some long mounts for their 12-FIFTY hangers that have Caliber profile. https://www.trampaboards.com/12fifties-motor-mounts-c-629.html

They come with 350mm belts so I think the center distance should be around or over 110mm.