Well I've been scammed for the first time

To start off IDK where I should post this post so if this is the right place tell me (there should be a buyers corner since there is a vendors corner)

Okay so I started my build this summer I got everything I need EXCEPT for the motor mount wich was pretty much the first thing I bought they are trampa’s 6.5 motor mounts, the guy made an ad on https://electric-skateboard.builders ‘bought’ it for 170 Euros (300 ish CAD or 200ish USD) He did ship it on august 11th BUT a week goes by still no shipping update another week still nothing and now pretty much a month after still nothing , btw I did message him and it seemed like it was missing an import/export form and since then he hasn’t replied to me even sent him a text and an email wondering what was going on… still no reply to this day. This suck cause rn I really could use the money for my bus/subway tickets since A. I have no money left (school uniform sucked it all off) and B. can’t go to school with my unfinished board…

Anyways thats my first bad experience I hope it will be the last LOL(ngl I hope nothing bad happenned to him :flushed:)

Anyone of y’all have a bad experience / be scammed by a particular?


How did you pay him?
Tracked shipping or regular?


Sounds like time for a call to the bank for a charge back. Simply saying the word scammed should get the bank’s interest to hear the receiving bank’s side

Also message @dickyho for some decent motor mounts


paypal GnS, sucky conversion+fee, but u’ll get your money back (or atleast I have)


via paypal f&f wish i did g&s tho and tracked but Shipment is expected, but not yet in sorting process

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F&F :man_facepalming:t2: I hate myself for this


Damn. Hope you’ll get your hw…
Call your bank and ask for help. They will probably help you


Oh boy… Yeah F&F not worth it for that much money even if you trust the person, IMO. I only use F&F for my actual friends or very small amounts, and usually only if I’m shipping it

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life lesson learned I guess. extra ~$6 is worth preventing all this hassle. Especially for international order from a rando online


i don’t even use F&F with some well known trusted seller here, sometimes being paranoid is a good thing, it can be annoying at times, but it’s well worth the trouble imo