Weird cutout/fault

My board seems to cutout every time i do a hard acceleration, from a standstill or mid speed and immediately punch to full throttle. Even when im close to top speed trying to reach it and theres head wind, i can feel it cutout and id have to let go of the wheel and accelerate again. Sometimes it would cutout for half a sec and reapply power, sometimes it would cutout and coasts or delivers way less power while keeping the remote wheel in the same position. I redid detection and remote setup already and im not sure whats wrong. Could it be too far of a difference between motor and battery amps? I have each motor set to 60/-75 and 25/-15 battery. Does anyone know what the problem could be?


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More info needed. What esc? What battery? What firmware?

Sounds like you’ve got a battery issue but needs more investigation.

Bkb xenith, metroboard 10s8p with bms discharge bypass, and on fw 5.01 i believe. The battery can handle 80a continuous and is bms bypass so i wouldnt think its the battery.


With 5.01 you could be hitting the duty cycle limit start bug. Do you know what that setting is set at? It only happens at full throttle under heavy load. It’s not a full on shut down but more like quick power cuts.

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Duty cycle current limit start? I have it set to 85%. Would fw 5 or 5.02 fix it? Are there other bugs in those fw i should know of?

Good man. Would be easier to identify the issue if there was an onboard logging device installed.

At first glance, parts and settings aren’t causing the issue. Little strange to have more braking motor amps than accel.

New battery?

And what remote.

Unfortunately i dont have a logging device. I’ve been looking at the robogochi since the stock bkb doesnt want to connect to my phone for some reason. I lowered it from 75 awhile ago after learning i had the tb110 delam issue and didnt mind the weaker torque. Got battery around end of 2019 new. Vx1 remote.

Does this only happen after you’ve been riding a while or is it right off the start?

Pretty sure at the start. I get to the end of the block and theres a light and id punch it and sometimes it’d happen. Before i had my battery amps set to 15/-12 and it wouldn’t happen as often. When i switched to 25/-15 first few time or even first day, i didnt experience cutout…i think, was having fun with torque.

I don’t know anything about metro batteries but what you’re describing is classic low voltage behavior. Either the pack sags below threshold or there is a mechanical failure in the pack that causes voltage drop under load.

Not saying for sure is your issue but that’s where I’d focus. An 8p battery should have no issue supplying 50A.


Just to double check, even though it doesn’t look like it’s the source of your issue, you did set this to 85% on both sides, not only on the master?

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Can other packs have the same issue? Any way to fix it if it was sagging? Vesc tool reads 41.8v when the charger turns green so there shouldn’t be a mechanical issue right?

Yes both sides.

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This doesn’t affect much. What affects your ability is the esc and battery and usually the remote when it’s defective.

Do you know what battery model is it?
Does the board turn off randomly or does it still have power?
Does this happen when you have the board on its back and hit the remote full throttle?
And, do you have clues to see whether or not it’s the remote and the receiver?

I only had this happen because my receiver wires got loose after a while.

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There was a batch of vx1 remotes that had a bad solder job to the throttle or antenna. Maybe it’s coming from there.

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^This would definitely be it. Best way to tell is to have a different remote and try it again.

Found the thread. Maybe it helps.

I guess it could be the receiver/remote. I do have the receiver outside and accidentally hit it sometimes.

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I would recommend a different remote if you are able to get one. I switched my torqueboard mini to a hoyt and never experienced problems until my wires got loose after off road riding a bunch of times. I taped it up and never had issues, even at 40+ mph

Maybe i could try to find someone with a extra hoyt and test it out couple weeks. Would it be loose wires tho? I dont get stuck brakes or accel and everything works ok beside hard accel. Hard brakes work no problem