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Wearvesc Paid App

I have been annoyed by the lack of a app for Android Wear that can connect to a Vesc and show telemetry. so I created WearVesc.

WearVesc is an app that I have been developing for the past month and testing with the diy Onewheel community and now feel that it is ready to open up to the rest of the community.

I plan continued support and updates with some new feature like range estimation yet to come.

right now I have implemented
-speed in mph or km/h
-battery voltage and battery amps
-duty cycle percentage
-motor and MOSFET temperature
-battery percentage

I am willing to take input and suggestions to ultimately make the best android wear smartwatch app possible.



This is lit.

UI looks dope, would buy if I owned a wear device.


maybe the question is silly but it connects to VESC Tool android app?

it shows way more infos than METR wear app :smiley:


Do you have a way to do donations? I don’t have a Wear device but it looks cool so I’m happy to support


I think it’s a standalone app. VESC tool not required.

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Buy the app for 2 bucks?


Dang. It’s too bad the Samsung watch I have is Tizen, this looks cool


Derail time
Is it me or does tizen suck. I wish there was an app selection on tizen…

yeah I tried that but it won’t let me buy it because I don’t have a compatible device

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Love my watch, have nothing positive to say about its OS

I bought the watch for its looks, polish, and features. Those all work great.

Tizen is fine, like a comfortable ex. Nothing more

also no google maps support still wtf


Use the online in-browser store?

It still doesn’t let you.


Dude thats sick! Nice work, might get a SmartWatch now. :smiley:

Awesome work!

Is there a minimum requirements as for the wear os version?

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How exactly does it get data?

It’s a standalone WearOS app. Watch has bluetooth and communicates with BLE module in VESC.


That’s been very unreliable in my experience, but that’s with the vesc tool so who knows.

I’m buying the app to support, gotta go find my watch charger

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I bought it, I don’t know how to make it to work with METR PRO. It says ‘disconnected’. Is it possible?

Add other device to your account through bluestackz or something ? :stuck_out_tongue: