We need more categories and have to do it right

I just made a thread about discussing electrical interference from wires, but there wasn’t a suitable topic category to put it in. Extortion’s forum has a “Esk8 Mechanics” category which would suit this perfectly.

However, I do think that too many categories could be an issue. I propose the following changes, others can weigh in if they have better ideas:

  • Add a “Esk8 Mechanics” category for everything related to building boards, but not build threads, which have their own category. This would also include innovations, because, hey, those are mechanics as well.
  • Merge the “Group rides” and “Events” categories, because group rides organized on the forum are usually big enough to count as events. This could be reversed in case those categories suddenly explode in popularity with posts.
  • The blue colored forum’s “Parts market” category had sub categories for “Group buys”, “Wanted items”, “Used items for sale” and “New items for sale”. The latter two have been especially useful.
    Also, maybe we could impose a rule that posts selling items must begin with [Continent] ? There are too many US posts, and not everyone adds [EU], so opportunists really need to click on each and every post that doesn’t have [US] in order to find deals. Maybe that’s just me, idk :man_shrugging:
  • Add a “Prebuilt boards” category for discussing non-DIY boards. Have to be inclusive after all.

That’s about it. The free speech suppressing forum also had categories like “Esk8 asthetics” & “Meta”, which I think we can do without, and the “Videos and Photos” category isn’t needed because we have dedicated threads for those, and I think it’s good to keep everything in those as a nice list.



Accidentally forget Enertion


Nothing to do with categories, but maybe we can also start a topic with " [Sale edition] Pictures and nothing else!"

So only pictures from parts for sale with price and location on the picture.

what do you think guys?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes please. I don’t like the main pictures thread being cluttered with items for sale. When I first joined the forum I just spent days going through the pictures only thread, feeling a sense of euphoria and inspiration non-stop. It’s why I delete my more meme like pictures eventually from it.


I voted Yes to that so quick, it irritates the shit out of me to see selling pics in the no words thread :slight_smile:.


Can it somehow be mandatory that if it’s in the parts market that the op must post at least one photo?


I never considered adding sale pics to the no words just pics thread. I guess it adds more visibility but it doesn’t seem like the place imo.


I Approve.
I advocate for a 24hr “grace period” and then the post becomes unlisted until the OP complies.


I would love all that new category :wink: :+1:

Plus, please, add a DIY other build, for no-esk8 but using the same parts!


Yes for scooter, to say one :grin:


yes ^^ eDirt-scooter, e-bike, drift trike, mini boat, jet surf, jetfoiler, mini buggy, crazy kart … etc :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I got many little dream


@longhairedboy Any progress on this? Don’t think anyone’s against the idea :upside_down_face:

Gotta add my skates to that list haha are the other skate builders from the blue firm coming on this side too? :heart:

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Well, after half a month, :sweat_smile: I think it looks like we are the only to want this …

Yup. Everyone think it’s a clever workaround but they are now marked for death. Death, I tell you!

Sorry, I haven’t been paying enough attention. Will talk to the other modularity units and discuss.

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Why not make it a rule not to post for sale pics in the pictures thread?

I mean there is already a place for that, no point in cluttering up that thread.

You want to sell something make a proper thread with all the necessary information, pictures etc.


All good thoughts, friend. Will get on this.

This will be happening for sure. Thanks.


While we’re at it, you should have to have your country on your profile, and the profile public, in order to sell.

Because I’m not going to buy something that’s shipping from Antarctica, which is where I assume you are if you haven’t told me :wink: