Wanted to borrow - Bergmeister Hubs and Boardnamics Hanger with Fixed axle

Similar to last time. UK preferred

Will borrow for a week and send back when Im finished.


You can borrow my kahua trucks as long as you can send them back within a couple weeks

Pm me

Hi, I dont need those trucks


Oh I thought you meant bergmeister tucks

You can also borrow my bergs if you want

Same thing just pm

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If you can’t find anyone in the next couple of weeks, I might be able to send you a set, have some fixed axles on the way no idea when they’ll turn up though…


I can wait a couple weeks ty

I have bergs.
I’m in the process of moving, so you’d only have to pay shipping from my UK flat to your place, and then I would pay to ship them back to Latvia. (Or sell them to someone if it turns out I have clearance for even larger wheels)

Also I won’t have the board these are meant for ready anytime soon…